5 things wish we knew before moving India to Australia

5 things wish we knew before moving India to Australia

Cultural change

Australian work and social culture are different from those back home with few similarities. Working with culture change sometimes can be a daunting task and an open-minded attitude assists moving forward.

The difference between work culture in India and Australia

The difference between Social culture in India and Australia

Australian Accent and their slang

Survival of the fittest

Life in Australia isn’t all green as it looks from India. Australia no doubt is considered a ‘Lucky country’ but has its own challenges for newcomers. These challenges would be a litmus test for most of us as it stretches us away from the comfort zone which we had in India .First day you arrive and you need to get accustomed to do you own chores from cooking,cleaning,ironing,washing,buying grocery etc.So makes sure you have a lot of adrenaline and positive energy when you plan to come here.

Break the barrier of Lack of Australian experience,get out of your comfort Zone

Settlement journey 

Settling down in Australia is step by step process and setting up your expectations right from day one would assist you in smooth transition. The process and time of settlement varies from person to person but we all need to follow that process. The list starts from the time you get your Australia visa ,move to Australia from India,settle in an accommodation and list goes on.

Get a visa

Finding Job

Finding accommodation

So its best to practice all of these in India when you start planning for Australia.Said that settling in Australia would definitely be a cultural experience for all of you.

Words like sorry,thank you ,please would become a part of your dictionary.

You would need to become more tolerant to the roads because in Australia we don’t use horns.Buses and trains are quite noise free and talking on phone loudly and listening to music on your speaker of your mobile wouldn’t be a nice idea at all ..use your head phones instead

Australia is a multicultural society with respect to all.Leave your personal hatred for any culture back home or you could be in trouble.Your behavior is para important and  giving up certain habits would help like Putting money on the counter when your being served on is a bad habit ,staring is considered rude so don’t stare just go and talk as Australian are very friendly people.

Being self Aware and mixing up with broader Australian community

Settling down in Australia is an amazing experience and life does have its up and down.We get engrossed in the whole process of  settlement and get too busy that we totally become unaware of our mental well being & physical resilience. Issues like home sickness, anxiety and depression do effect Australian community and early self-awareness does helps in long term.

Signs and Symptoms of depression, anxiety, suicide 

Last but not least develop your connection, network with Indians in Australia and broader Australia community to broaden your experience and keep in touch with your family always.

We hope you have something to think about after reading this article and learn’t some valuable insights from it.

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