Alternative ways to earn Australian dollars

Alternative ways to earn Australian dollars

While your day Job would be the ideal source of continuous  income,there are alternative ways to earn Australian Dollars in the interim while you are looking for a Job in Australia.

This is not an idea of getting rich quickly but with due persistence, in long term definitely helps in evolving a supplement source of income once you land up in a Job.

Here are some ways you can moonlight( have a second job), and end up with some money.

Become Mystery shoppers

If you like shopping then becoming Mystery shopper wouldn’t be a bad idea to earn money. Mystery shoppers are paid for each assignment they complete as per specific instructions provided by the market research company. These instructions pretty much specifies you where to shop, what to look for and report back with your experiences in regards to customer service, housekeeping of the shop and general attitude of employees.

Paid Market research

Paid market research is probably the easiest way to get paid which includes attending paid focus groups or getting paid for submitting your opinion online and doing online survey in your spare time. The key here is to diversify your online portfolio with different market research companies to maximize your earning.

Some of the legitimate paid research companies are as follows.

1)Stable Research Click Here to Signup

2)Real time Research

3)Pure Purple

4) Valued opinions

5) Rewards Central

GoogleAd sense

If you have the basic computer knowledge and flair of writing you can easily earn some money. All you need is to have a website or even a blog just like mine to be able to put up relevant Google ads on the content pages of your site and earn money. The more visitors come and check your website and blogs and click the relevant ad sense the more money your earn.

Some tips of Caution

Don’t click your own ads

Don’t Encourage visitors to click on ads.

Basically don’t cheat Google will catch you, sooner or later

Start your Home based business 

Way back in 2008 I had put together a Home based Business opportunity for Indian woman who have a passion of providing services like threading and facial initially. The value proposition of this particular Home based business is that Indian Diaspora is increasing in Australia and Indian woman are seeking convenient and cost effective beauty parlors close by.Read more 

Rent your spare space

Spacer – is an online community where people share spare garage, parking or room space to neighbours who need somewhere to store their stuff or park their car.

If you have space, it’s a simple way to make extra money. Hosts can earn up to $2500-$4000 a year for their garage or car park, particularly for popular areas around Parramatta, Westmead and Inner West

These are just few alternative ways to earn Australian dollars and are quite effective in long term.




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