Australian job market – the state of play

Australian job market – the state of play

Australia has become a quite popular destination for Indian in the recent past. Whether it is for work, recreation or migration Indian love Australia. This love extends both ways as Australia from its core of existence is a multicultural society. Australia has always embraced new migrants to it shores. Doesn’t matter from which part of the world you are from Australian overall are quite adaptable to new cultures. Their love for cricket and butter chicken makes the connection with Indian easy.

Australian job place is no different, it’s combination of people from various diversity with unique skillset. Every individual is respected and has a say in there day to day work and this behaviour is promoted by employers here.

As any developed country Australia job market is evolving at very high speed where global economics conditions are influencing Australian companies to think differently. They are pursuing new avenues to increase their market share and while emphasis has always to keep Australian job onshore, there is a spurge of offshore partners taking Australian jobs. What that means is that for a newcomer is, that the initial transition at time to getting job might not be that smooth as it used to be. Not to say that with right attitude, network newcomers have ended up in a high paying jobs. To tackle Australian job markets individuals need to be ready to start approaching job search in Australia in a totally different way of what they are used to be doing in their home country,

The phrase ‘When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do’ actually plays a very important role in Australian job market.

Australian job market is competitive where you will competing for roles advertised not only by local Australian but new migrants from other countries. Skills gap exists and that the reason why you got your migration at the first place. But simply getting migration doesn’t mean that a job is waiting for you. Unless your skillset is unique in market you will be lucky to get a call straightway from recruiter after applying for a job. Most likely an automatic reply of your application is best you can hope for. Dilemmas start bothering newcomers that probably they are ‘overqualified’ or have no local experience and Indian experience may not be counted for. These can act as inhibitors to your Job search in Australia and need to be tackled according with appropriate strategies. The most popular industries/job popular within Indian in Australia is IT, Business analysis, consultancy, software, real estate, human resource. While the list goes on appropriate market research needs to be undertaken specific to the Industry a prospective candidate is looking for a job.


The key to achieve outstanding success with finding job in Australia is to have a plan with access to right network and information. It’s not a mere ‘Job search’ it is your career at stake. Don’t be complacent.


“Lack of local experience is just a myth which diverts us from reaching our goal.INC have been created to replace this myth with researched facts and expert analysis.”

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