Best driving schools – Parramatta area

Best driving schools in Parramatta area which is cheap with good outcome

If you want to become a good driver, then it’s worth researching which driving school is the best for you. Knowing fully well that you will pay to go to one of these driving schools, you want to make sure that your money buys you the best training.

This report sets out the information you need to have, so you can choose from the top Best driving schools in Parramatta area which is cheap and good outcome. All the driving school listed here have package discount. These driving school also comes with their various log book for the driving lessons. They offer various packages for all your Driving Lesson. They focus on the essential skills, guide you in regards to road safety and awareness, along with other  areas required or you might need, in order for you to not only pass your driving test but also to drive confidently on all roads.

They can pick you up from home, delivering a quality practical learner driving experience make sure that you (our students or trainee) have all the skills you need. However, it must be said that apart from services render at the various school, their prices are slightly different.

Mukhi driving school teaching approach suits individuals of all ages and from all walks of life. Their package offer includes… I have always been scared of driving. To encourage me, my mum and sister bought me a ten pass learning easy experience with Mukhi Driving School. I gave it a go and was amazed to see how easy & enjoyable driving can really be. Mukhi was friendly, easy going, and always on time. I passed my driver’s test on my first go. Their Standard Lessons cost $50 for one hour while night cost $60. For beginners Packages its 5 Hour Lessons for $240, 10 Hour Lessons for $475 with 100% Advance. Advanced Packages include 15 Hour Lessons for $700 (Saving of$50)

Safe Driving School over the last month has been working hard to instill the importance of safe driving practices and confidence in learner drivers.  It have a range of driving packages for you to choose from. It offer both Automatic and Manual car packages. It’s said that 1 hour with a driving instructor is worth 3 hours in your RTA/RMS log book! It has two key drive lesson that is free but must register with the website. It operate a 0ne hour driving lesson for $60. It’s also has beginner, advance, professional package with various price range.

Gogs driving school comes with its own unique package. It is a good buy for your money because it has the cheapest cost price per hour with amazing delivering service. Value Package Deals: $95 for 2 hour Lessons ($95 for 2 hour session). And $450 for 10 hour Lessons ($45 per hour). NOTE: 10 hours lessons need to be paid upfront

Excel Driving School comes with its own package. Though their price is high in comparison to other driving school. They are of the idea that cheap driving school cost you more money. They attribute this to the fact that cheap driving school have boring instructor with poor communication skill thus making it difficult you to learn. An hour lesson cost $70. Intensive Express Test preparation is about $130. Their three lesson pack special offer cost $189 while ten lesson cost $700.

Apia Driving school also located in parramatta is slightly different from excel driving school in terms of price however it has its own delivering services that an individual will pay for their services. An hour lesson for $68 for pay as you go. Driving test package of $188 includes approx. 45min lesson prior before test. Includes Pick up & Drop off.

5 hour lesson for $320

10 hour lesson for $620

15 hour lesson for $885

20hour lesson for $1160

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