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Indian connection careers – is an online support portal providing settlement services to Indian wishing to come to Australia . We currently have various opening to join us on a part-time/ full-time basis in our Chandigarh Office. To discuss further, please contact us


Immigration & Visas Consultants

Australian Immigration is a complex process with eligibility, occupation, changing visa rules and many important details to consider. We are looking for  Immigration & Visa Consultants to Join our office in India to assist with the immigration needs of our clients, help determine their eligibility, make them knowledgeable about the process and benefits, address and ease their apprehensions through one of the most important decisions of their life.

Job Consultants

Getting Australian job is a complex process with visa,resume,cover letter,Job eligibility, changing job description  and many important details to consider. We are looking for Job Consultants to Join our office in India to assist with the ‘Finding a Job’ for  our clients, help preparing Australian style resume and cover letter , make them knowledgeable about the Job market relevant to their industry ,address their questions and work with with clients to make sure best possible result is attained.Grasp over different types of jobs and their requirements.

Content/Blog Writers goal is to deliver quality content for our reader base who are mainly Indian newcomers to Australia.Through our content we  provide assistance  to them in their journey starting from pre-departure to post-departure.We are looking for a Content Writer to manage content creation, maintenance on our website ,blog and to deliver rich, brand building content. 

WordPress Expert

Indianconnection portal runs on WordPress content management system and currently we are looking for WordPress Guru for our Chandigarh office.

->Staying on WordPress and adding a publishing plugin with WordPress.

->Improve SEO further –

>Marketing create new content and ad words

->Change from design perspective so that our user experience both on desktop and mobile delivers the necessary business outcome.Not a major changes in structure but user experience is a priory along with an opportunity to add more content

Indian connection provides its employees an excellent careers opportunity to grow and excel in  their field.Being Australian based ideal person might have opportunity to fly to Australia in near future.

If you are interested in exploring Indian connection careers further send us an email at or contact us