Changing Indian Currency Australian Dollar

Changing Indian Currency Australian Dollar

When you are flying to Australia, buying Australian dollar from a wrong place can cost you as much as a dinner for two at a good restaurant. Studies show that scores of unwary travelers each year end up paying on an average more than $200 extra during currency exchange at the airport’s bureau de change desk.

However if you are careful about where you are purchasing or selling your Australian dollar, you can put hundreds back into your pocket which you can use for overseas shopping spree. Not every traveler may know the best place to exchange their currency while traveling to Australia.

One of the best quick methods is to take the help of your travel solution company. Travel solutions companies such as Indian Connection help their clients find best prices for their currency exchange, besides being specialized in other travel related services also, for example Airport pickup, Accommodation Services, Job consultancy and relocation services.
Currency exchange rates vary dramatically from foreign currency exchange outlets to outlets.

For example when you are buying AUD 1000 at American Express Foreign Exchange or at Travelex Online, paying by BPAY, it would cost you as little as GBP 552. However the same would cost you GBP 674 to buy AUD 1000 at Travelex change booth at Sydney International Airport. That’s a whopping GBP 122 difference.

Currency exchange also exposes you to currency risks. Unless you are actively tracking currency exchange rates, you may arrive in Australia with less of your money than you could have done. Keeping actively in touch with foreign currency exchange outlets can take the advantage of any positive exchange rate movements.

You may also take help of travel solutions companies like Indian Connection which can also help you execute your transactions at the best available exchange rates. In fact your travel solution company will provide you all the information in a jargon free plain English and also explain you any pros or cons if involved. You may also receive such kind of personalized service from a foreign currency exchange outlet.

Besides proactively monitoring best opportunity to buy or sell currency, these agencies will also guide you about different options available to you to benefits from the best exchange rate. Some foreign currency exchange outlets go as far as offering the ability to fix exchange rates for up to 2 years forward and provide currency exchange without any commission charges.

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