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Connecting Indian to Australia

Why Consultation*

If you are:-

->A prospective newcomer already in Australia location looking for a Job

->A prospective newcomer to Australia in India location received his visa to migrate

->A prospective participant who have an intention to come to Australia

A Consultation Session with our Experts will help up

->Forecast where you are headed with your settlement journey to Australia through practical tips developed over 15 years of their stay in Australia.

->Find ways to improve your Australia Culture Outlook including how to find right accommodation and a safe Airport pick.

->Build your own Australian Job search road map through learning materials provided by our Experts network in Australia

->Opens discussion on how things will work in Australia

Our Consultation Session is built around you

->Considers all your individual choices and understand how big decision it is for you to move oversees.

->Advise any budgetary implications  when you arrive in Australia first time

->Connects with network to assist with getting the right information about the Job market in Australia specific to your skills

->Check long term impact of today’s choices ->You can continue to access Indian connection coaching services when in Australia.

Questions Experts can answer

->When is the best time to land in Australia after getting a  a visa to come to Australia?

->How much money will I need to be comfortable in my initial settlement days in Australia?

->How to find a job in Australia?

->How should I alter things on my resume to secure the Job i really want?

->Which are the best state and suburbs to live in Australia for Indians?

 Why Indian Connection Consultants

->We are Indian Australian with over a decade of experience in Australia.

->Our Founders are Australian Indian with studies and professional experience in Australia & India. They have worked closely with the Australian culture and developed skills by integrating in the Australian society as a whole.

->It is now part of their mission to reach more Indians who dream to make Australia their home and believe every Indian should experience Australian Lifestyle.

->We have a Network of Trusted Experts ->Our Online support blog portal is a free and exciting and very effective medium to deliver quality content for the Indian newcomers to Australian community.

What our clients are saying?

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Disclaimer: *Initial consultation at nominal charge. Fees and charges may apply after the initial consultation.Click here for our Fee Structure