Doing MBA in Australia

Questions being asked by readers of our portal regarding Doing MBA in Australia.

What’s the prospects of doing MBA in Australia?Is it worth to put in the time, effort and the resources?

Does it really give an edge to one individual in terms of career and future growth?

Get a MBA degree and land up in a fancy job there. At least this is how India operates. Is it the same in Australia too?

Doing MBA in Australia in fact anywhere in world is all about the pursuit of constant learning. Learning can have different meaning for each one of us and one would argue why MBA?

MBA as any other qualifications is dependent on your individual goals and aspirations. While many believe MBA lands you in a fancy job, we fail to understand that it’s not the qualification but the change in our attitude towards our career which assists in achieving the next phase of our career. Not to undermine the time, effort and resources you put in while doing MBA which eventuates to this change in attitude, builds you’re branding & network.

Doing MBA has its merits beyond your career future growth. It changes your perspective of how you see world in a different point of view. You move from a ‘Fixed mindset’ to ‘Growth mindset’ individual who seeks to be in control of their career management.MBA gives you a better understanding of your skills,interests,motivators career anchors, values and you tend to strive for it every day of your life.

All said and done how does a MBA land me in a good job in Australia – Employers worldwide are looking for candidates who are not merely hard and smart workers. Soft skills and non-cognitive like persistence, passion and patience are more important. Talent acquisition, retention and productivity is big on cards when on boarding a new employee. Wonder how the employers or recruitment agents are able to decide all of the above by simply seeing your resume. Thing again? Your first impression when applying job is your resume.With qualification like MBA recruiter see your commitment in higher education and personal development.This in returns your seriousness about your career and further development.Recruiter love this as not only you have the necessary skills of doing the job you are proactive and understand the intricacies of running a business in real world.

We recently read quite an informative blog which actually shares the list of universities which Bank of Baroda gives education loans.

Indian Public Bank (Bank of Baroda) releases a list of World Universities for issues education loans at lower interest rates. However I wonder how they chose

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