During Australian migration process, only carry what is required

Don’t be in fog! During Australian migration process, only carry what is required

We all know that while travelling one and all desires to pack light. But in India especially if you are a student than certainly it is going to be a herculean task. As we all know that Indian families and above all mothers are too concerned about their kids comfort. Moreover, many travelers, students or migrants seeking settlement in Australia are not aware about what to carry and what not to carry while travelling to Australia. Because of this lack of precise information one can find many newcomers “fish out of water” at Australian airports. Our Australian settlement experts over here are sharing their part of information about secure travelling/migration to Aussie land.

Generally the list of baggage items varies depending on your personal needs and weather condition prevalent at the time of arrival. Still with this effort we are trying our best to narrow down the list to, though general yet important items. Right in the beginning we would like to suggest you to bring Australia dollars so that you can sustain in Australia up to 3- 6 months, again this would vary from person to person of what your Budget is.

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If you your budget is tight it’s a good idea to bring Indian cooking utensils cutlery along with bed sheets,pillow covers for initial settlement. Basic day to day clothing,casual shoes,flip flops, toiletries with preference to black jeans, trousers, white & black t-shirts, suit, tie,black formal shoes for our initial job search in Australia should be sufficient.

Some areas of Australia can get cold at times hence bring thermal wear & if coming with kids bring nice woolen clothes, don’t forget to get monkey caps. Woolen clothes here are not of good quality here,its all made in china however jackets & coat are good.

In addition bring 2-3 extension boards and one adapter per board along with a alarm clock in the baggage . Don’t forget to carry vaccination cards of kids as these are of prime importance at time of admissions in schools. As Australia is located in southern hemisphere close to South Pole hence intensity of sun rays is quite high. Therefore carrying a good quality SPF sunscreen and sunglasses is quite sensible. One should not forget to put general medicines with doctors prescription in bag  to avoid any complication during journey and even after journey.

Apart from above mentioned items there are many items which one should avoid while travelling to Australia. Refer below link below


Top 20 Items – Top 20 items you can’t bring to Australia and if you are in doubt it’s a good idea to declare your stuff by marking ‘Yes’ on the immigration form post landing  or else you may need to pay fine.Australians are very particular about cleanliness and quarantine hence ensure that you footwear does not have any mud on it.


Eventually I would like to remind you that authorities working at airport are not under any compulsion to return the items caught at airport. You may have to pay heavy penalty or in some cases even can face imprisonment, if fixed with these prohibited items.


I hope you will find this information quite handy. However taking guidance from experienced and well established Australian settlement agency like Indian Connection surely will keep you on the alert.

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