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Opportunity to speak out and make a difference.

An Australia University student is seeking feedback preferably from an  Indian newcomer to Australia to study/work/live and is having or has recently had a difficult time assimilating in Australia. This can mean finding a job, finding a community to connect with, etc.

“I would love it if you could please reach out on your blog/through your connections for a case study to participate in my video news piece for my university. 

I am studying journalism at UTS and am creating a video news piece about the struggles that international students/migrants face when they come to Australia, and how this impacts on their  health – whether they realise it or not. As discussed, some people, specifically Indians, don’t realise they are depressed because it isn’t really discussed in their culture which (as I see it and correct me if I am wrong), is important to develop an awareness and support network to guide them during this time.This will be in light of the recent suicides of Indians in Australia, one of which was an international student who was allegedly suffering from depression because he could not obtain a job. I want to take this news story and investigate why it got to the point of suicide. I want to explore whether there is enough help for international students/migrants in terms of finding a job, affording essentials, finding a community network, etc. I want to see what is really triggering this depression/anxiety and whether the government and community groups can do to warn migrants about the potential difficulties that come with assimilation.

I would need to film them at some point next week. I can blur their face if they want to be anonymous.

If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending email at




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During our co-founders initial days in Australia he has experienced struggle to find cheap accommodation,job,genuine support and some times ignorance from my own fellow Indians. While his experience is not unique but he wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.He bring with him 16 years of rich experience working with Global corporations both in India & Australia.Our founder aim through this portal is to support Indian travelers to Australia for migration, education, work and travel, minimizing the cultural change impact while providing tangible cost benefits.

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