Is settling in Australia worth for Indian

Is settling in Australia worth for Indian

Settling oversees and in particular Australia is a dream for many Indian. The journey starts from getting a visa and arriving in Australia. The new country, lifestyle, environment is flourishing grounds of new dreams and hopes. A laid back attitude of Australian with no worries slang, Australia has plenty to offer. What after that once you have explored Australia, its way of living and culture, does Australia still attracts you. Well yes it does, as you are accustomed to the way of life in Australia however many Indian still would love to retire in India once they are free from their kids’ responsibility. That’s right settling in Australia is a journey where no matter what, going back to India comes back into your conversation sometime or other. Wonder why?

The lifecycle of Indian in Australia is what we love to call it.Roughly dependant on your particular situation (age, professional career level, education, back ground) the 4 broad phase of settlement for Indian in Australia can be divided into hard work, cruising along, growing and retirement. On an average each stage may last for an average of up to 10 years as individual priorities change over time. Overall it is merely your level of happiness (in context of earning, saving, family) in each phase which determines your perspective of worthiness to continue staying in Australia. The very fact that you left your original family support structure back home in India starts bothering you in some stage of your settlement journey in Australia. We notice many new migrants start calling their parents to stay with them albeit seen as assistance in daily routine of work life in Australia. The bottom line is that in the pursuit of better lifestyle in Australia many loose their relationship back home. Guess with every upside of settling in Australia there comes a downside too. But things aren’t that bad with the invent of internet staying close to grandparents might not be that hard these days as previously perceived.

The story goes on and on with more new first generation Indian calling Australia home, the sentiment is positive overall.

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