Managing your mental well being while moving to Australia

Managing your mental well being while moving to Australia

Ever wondered how our mindset has an influence in the way we think and how being mentally aware and healthy is so critical in our overall wellbeing. Managing your mental wellbeing while moving oversees, or even settling down in Australia is a very important aspect which we as Indians tend to forget. It’s probably our lack of knowledge or our culture which always tends us to ignore the aspects of mental health and its wellbeing.

The concept of mental wellbeing is similar to physical wellbeing the only difference here is that with mental wellbeing we take care of our minds rather than our body. Every individual mind is wired differently and that’s the reason why we respond differently when faced with a situation out of our comfort zone. For example moving oversees from Indian, while there is no hard and fast rule ,which rule is applicable to manage the daunting task but being self-aware of your strength and weakness definitely helps. The first step towards mental health is being positive and being able to  analysis yourself when faced with situation which are hard to handle.

Research has showed that sharing your thoughts with your relative’s or even support network in Australia definitely helps. It’s ok to be vulnerable with people you can trust because no matter what speaking out does help and gives you a different perspective of the situation.

The second step is being always present and trying to become a warrior rather than being a worrier because each  situation is temporary it’s are thinking which makes them permanent .You can cry or try, you can turn adversity into opportunity .It’s your choice.

There are plenty of training program available to assist you with your journey of settlement here in Australia. Whether it’s to become more mentally resilient or just to cope up with your daily routine grind.

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