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Moving to Australia

Choosing to move to Australia from India is unarguably a step up. Australia is famed globally for its pretty economy as well as the admirable level of hospitality splashed generously on foreigners.The society in Australia is  multicultural and can sip and absorb you and your culture in. All over World, Australia is one of the most attractive destinations for migrants from Asia most particularly for those with a crave for working in Australia.

Now concerning your desire of settling and working Australia, that is nice, Australia even anticipates you. But there are set protocols you have to navigate through especially as an Indian planning on settling and working in Australia. Read Five things we wish we had known before moving to Australia.

Most predominant in the procedures to settle in Australia is going through the  *point based immigration system* which is officially operated by Australia. There you will need to select the kind of visa you wish to make application for, so you could travel to Australia. In this category of visas, we have the Business Visa, the Skilled Migrant Visa, the Visit Visa and others.

Now are your qualifications handsome enough to merit an Australia Immigration?

You could take the *skilled Migrant Category visa* in the case where you are a professional with a wish of working Australia. Of course there is a state you would love to settle, you will have to check out the  Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of that your preferred state. There you will go through the jobs and handpick that one that closely fits your skill sets. From there you will move to the online immigration system of Australia for Skilled Migrants, composing your profile on the SkillSelect. After that you will then make the submission of your  Expression of Interest termed EOI, to formally declare your desire of working in Australia in that state.    Following your submission of the EOI, your profile would be graded and assigned marks on the grounds of demographics combined with the criteria of your academic qualifications as well as your age and skill set. In the case where your profile is smooth enough gliding through selection, you will receive an invitation to proceed on the completion of the requisites for immigration and consequent working in Australia. This invitation is essentially valid for 60 days. After this span of time, if you have not completed the requirements, the invitation will be withdrawn and invalidated. To wrap things up, it is important reminding you that as a prospective Indian wishing to settle, working in Australia, English Language is necessarily not your preferred language. So it would go well to make preparation for an adequate IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score which is a very important requirement needed by the Australian Immigration system.   Success!

Some easy things we shouldn’t forget before moving to Australia from India

Knowing job market before moving to Australia

Knowing job prospects in your current profile before moving to  to Australia is probably the best approach every one of us would do. This is because, looking at the time span sometimes it takes to migrate to Australia, job prospects of your profile  might not be the same.Read more

Budget carefully for your early time in Australia

Yeah, from the outside Australia is a European paradise, flowing with milk and honey. Yes, no doubt Australia is flowing with opportunities, but milking these opportunities after moving to Australia is another ball game. Similarly Australia is sweet, but whether you can make a honey-experience out of its sweetness is equally another ball game. This emphatically illustrates the importance of budgeting diligently for your early time in Australia before moving to Australia. Your means of basic sustenance before you clinch a job. Wearing a nice piece of tuxedo to a job interview in Australia is not a guarantee to jumping on board. Living in cities like Sydney and Melbourne swallow a good chunk from your pocket. So get the dollars and rupees ready before moving to Australia.

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Ensure you let your bank know before you leave

Of course this sounds basic right? But it does slip past the consciousness of many Indians who are so impatient to land in Australia. Always make sure to update your bank on your travel plans. This ensures that your credit cards are still functional while you are away in Australia. You could subsequently transfer your money to the new bank account you will open in Australia. Bank fees in Australia may overwhelm you, you could preferably try a service like *Transfermate* to transact your money transfer. And another little piece of advice here, if you are not going to spend good amount of time in Australia, try as best as possible to pay any of your outstanding bills in India before moving to Australia else they turn uglier settling when you come back.

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Sort out your accommodation adequately before arriving in Australia

You feel like a hero arriving in Australia, you may even feel disappointed that the airport is not dressed with red carpets awaiting your arrival or even worse that the airport warden doesn’t spare you even a flash smile. Sorry, you are yours to take care of! This is why it makes sense to take care of your accommodation before moving to Australia, sorting it out adequately before arriving proper. Trying to suppress cost to the minimal, you should try booking a hostel or possibly explore Airbnb options. One home secret is that a heftier fraction of rental properties in Australia would ask you to pay possibly a month in advance. Considering this, it makes better sense to stock your purse enough for say six weeks rental costs.

That is it! Simple as they sound, delicate as they are practically. Australia is a beauty to drink in fully when you are fully prepared for the experience. So get all these in place prior to moving to Australia so you could land in Australia with a beaming face dressed in a sprawling smile and your two hands tucked confidently in your pockets: prepared!

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Settling in Australia involves getting a sustainable job.

But along the procedures of settling and getting a job in Australia, you will need to fulfill official protocols like applying for your tax file number (TFN). This process is surely not going to milk you of any good volume of energy. You will just need to get that tax file number through the website of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). There is no way you can do without this card certainly in Australia from India. Even Australian citizens, short-term resident as well as permanent migrants need the TFN basically for reasons relating to taxation and even for general administrative demands. So upon settling in Australia, you to have to get this.

Now settling in Australia, you should know as a temporary resident, there is no entitlement to benefits for you. Settling in Australia, you will need to stay in Australia for an extended period of time spilling into years before you can make claimed to government aids. Although within this interval where you wait, you can access Medicare support and enjoy family tax breaks.

If you are an international employee for example and you are working say in Melbourne on a temporary visa, there is accessibility for you to programs like  “living away from home allowance”. Note such privileges are  not restricted to just Melbourne; any international employee staying in Australia on a temporary visa can access the  “living away from home allowance” program equally.  It is actually made available to you as an international employee by your employer in line with regulations stipulated by the Australian Taxation office.

Certainly settling in Australia demands you to own an Australian bank account especially in the instance where you are being paid by a local employer. Best practices demand that you process your bank account within the first month of your arrival. Documentation for a bank account cuts across documents like your valid ID, your tax file number and all.

So there you are! You have learnt a reasonable length about what path to engage when you want go settling in Australia from India. Once again, Australia is one delectable places to settle. You can be sure despite your religious and cultural multiplicity, Australia has its arm wide flung open for you in a welcoming embrace. Life has this special flavor when it is spent in Australia.

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