How to be safe around water in Australia

How to be safe around water in Australia


If you are visiting Australia in the summer months, you are likely to take part in the numerous water activities that country has to offer. However, it is important to stay safe when playing in water. It is extra necessary to keep an eye on your kids while they are enjoying in the water, as it only takes a few seconds for a small child to drown.


Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe around water when you are living in Australia.


Never drink and swim


It might seem like an exciting idea to go for a swim after you have had a couple of drinks. But the reality is that it is quite dangerous. In fact, a whopping 34 percent of drowning deaths in Australia are caused due to alcohol and / or drugs.


If you are studying in Australia and want to have some fun by the waters in the summer, remember never to drink and swim.


Keep an eye on your kids


Children, especially those under the age of five years are impacted most by drowning. Whether you are at home or on vacation, it is very important to be extra vigilant when your child is in or near water.


In Australia, one child dies every week from a case of preventable drowning. In small children drowning can happen quietly and quickly, without much warning. Kidsafe Victoria, a non-profit and independent foundation is focused on child water safety.


If you are living in or visiting Victoria this summer, you can check out their website for safety tips and online home water safety audits.


Maintain your water safety inside the house


If you are moving to Australia, you need to be aware of the possible hidden drowning hazards for your children inside the home environment. New South Wales government has started an initiative known as Water Safety, that helps guide the residents and visitors to the area how to be safe around water inside the house as well as outdoors.


You can find handy pool self-assessment checklists that helps you understand the hidden hazards that they may pose to your safety. You can get your pool barrier self-assessment checklists by clicking here.


Make sure that your pool barriers meet the specified requirements provided by the NSW government. If you want a more through assessment, it is better to have a professional inspector conduct the same.


Play it Safe by the Water


This is a campaign started by the Victoria government to help inform the different communities about the safety measures to be taken around water. Whether you are at the beach, or spending time by a river or pool, or you are living in Australia and have a bathtub, you need to maintain caution.


You can check out the different organisations and initiatives that are in place to help make you and your loved ones safe from preventable accidents by clicking on the link here. There are emergency numbers and contact details for organisations that help keep you safe when you are out swimming, surfing, fishing or yachting in Victoria.

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