Travelling overseas is something we all Indian dream of .The day this becomes reality is probably the most happiest and sad day of our life. While we are happy that our dream came true, we are also aware that we are going to be away from our family for a while. The whole process of the journey starts to sink in our minds and we wonder if we can rely on someone on the other side of world to provide some assurance. The first step towards that assurance is to make sure someone dependable is there to pick us up from the airport at our oversees destination. This reassurance of airport pickup cushions us and gives us peace of mind which is definitely needed while travelling overseas. Even better if the airport picked up is carried on with someone you have already spoken too and is familiar about your requirement beforehand. These small steps of organizing a dependable airport pick up does help in making your travel oversees a success. With a added advantage through our consultation session with you we make sure your experience at customs is smooth and you are prepared for any surprises. For more details see our blog at During Australian migration process, only carry what is required

During Australian migration process, only carry what is required

Don’t be in fog! During Australian migration process, only carry what is required We all know that while travelling one and all desires to pack light. But in India especially if you are a student than certainly it is going to be a herculean task. As we all know that Indian families and above all [...]

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Airport pickup at Sydney airport

Airport pickup at Sydney airport Australia is one of the key services which Indianconnection provides to its clients. Through this service Indianconnection consultants meet and greet the newcomer at Sydney and drop them safely to their new home. During the whole process from Airport to home Indian connection consultant makes sure the client is up [...]