Indian news in Australia is an integral part of Indian in Australia living. Whether its politics, sports, community Indian in Australia are quite informed about what’s going on in India and well as in Australia. Indian in Australia love their news and love to share it on social network specially Facebook. Indian news in Australia spreads like fire over social channels and everyone seems to have an opinion in it, which shows the level of engagement Indian in Australia have. Although at times they tend to go over board and start speculating on things most of times Indian in Australia are retrospective.

Various channels provide a monthly synopsis of what’s happening in the community through print and online media. It’s a mechanism where customers have options to read Indian news in Australia on the go whether you are visiting an Indian grocery store or while commuting to work in public transport.

Over the years, highlights of Indian news in Australia has made to the mainstream newspaper and media too due its popularity. The extent and impact of these news feeds is huge and show Indian communities togetherness to topics close to their heart. The recent example of the news was the ‘Long term visa petition for parents’ which ended up going to the political level where as politicians had make changes to appease the community.

So overall Indian news in Australia is important and as long as the community assimilates it in the right way there is a lot of opportunity to make it better. Things go peer shaped when unnecessary speculation is created due to the community leader’s perception of the news and generally community following it.

There is a fair way to go before Indian news in Australia is mature enough to take community engagement to the next level, where it creates a ‘One Indian community in Australia’

CASTING CALL: Kids of Indian descent aged 11 – 16

CASTING CALL: Kids of Indian descent aged 11 - 16 McGregor Casting, one of the most well respected casting companies in Australia. They cast for TV, Film and TV Commercials. Their past projects include Lion, Animal Kingdom, Top Of The Lake to name a few. They are currently working on a Children’s Television Series for [...]

Sydney harbour bridge an Indian perspective

Sydney harbour bridge an Indian  perspective Bridge is an invitation for people to move toward one another and to connect. It's refreshing and symbolic at many levels. Because of the diaspora of nations among us it becomes all the more important to keep building bridges and cherishing them. Aditi  A passionate Storyteller

Online maths coaching through skype

Online maths coaching through skype Neelu teaching  is an online maths coaching solution being provided by Neelu Sahwney from Chandigarh. Neelu has been a maths teacher from past 15 years, she has been teaching people from past 15 years. Her classes are interactive as well as interesting. She provides both one by one and group [...]

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Spacer – Your Community Marketplace for Storage Space & Parking

Spacer – Your Community Marketplace for Storage Space & Parking We know the value of community and sharing. That’s why we’ve started Spacer (, an online community where people share spare garage, parking or room space to neighbours who need somewhere to store their stuff or park their car. If you have space, it’s a [...]

Demonetization policy for Indian living in Australia

Demonetization policy for Indian living in Australia Change is a constant factor, so are government policies. Government comes with its strategies that they know will put the economy of the country at a better platform. And that will also improve the life of its citizen and help the country to compete with the rest of [...]

Australian minister speech about India and Hindus

Australian minister speech about India and Hindus Indian in Australia has been an integral part of Australian society for decades now.Irrespective of what religion they belong to ,Indian are considered a very hard working and intelligent migrant community in Australia.Indian in Australian don't shy away from work  and almost all of them excel in whatever [...]

Sydney Harbour Yacht Club Promo

Sydney Harbour Yacht Club is situated in the world’s most exclusive and awesome city Sydney. Our superlative Sydney Harbour is a recreational area for both locals and visitors throughout the year with the iconic Harbour Bridge, Opera House and possibly the world’s prevalent or largest natural harbour. As Australians, we hold in our arms our [...]

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Settling down after separation in Australia

Settling down after separation in Australia Recently a single mother who had left Australia after separation from her husband contacted us in regards to her intention to come back to Australia and settle down with her kids. Settling down as a single father/mother is difficult and most emotional situation for man/woman in the Indian community. [...]

Emraan Hashmi Sydney

Hello Indian Connection Facebook Followers !!  Emraan Hashmi  Sydney Taking a selfie has become a work of art and when its comes to taking a Selfie with a ‘STAR’ it's a Challenge.That’s why we’are giving away a  surprise gift to our two lucky followers Here's how you can Win ‘The surprise gift’: 1) Take a selfie [...]

The tragic end of an Indian International student, who fell in wrong company.

A young man who left Kerala when he was 19 for Melbourne,was found dead last year. According to The Age the 24-year-old man was struck in the head at his home in Melbourne's north on Saturday, October 11, 2014. It seems like he's had a massive life change. He was 19 years of age, perhaps [...]