The Newbie through her dream

The Newbie through her dream Writing this article seems so dreamy; takes me back to being someone much like Aisha Bannerjee (Konkona Sen Sharma) from Wake Up Sid! Remember the article she writes, “A New Girl in the City”? This one is a lot like that one. I remember shuffling my luggage around back in [...]

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Doing MBA in Australia

Questions being asked by readers of our portal regarding Doing MBA in Australia. What’s the prospects of doing MBA in Australia?Is it worth to put in the time, effort and the resources? Does it really give an edge to one individual in terms of career and future growth? Get a MBA degree and land up in [...]

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Indian international student cheat sheet

Indian international student cheat sheet Welcome to Australia. Indian Connection is an organisation designed to help Indian international students get the most out of their Australian experience. We provide the support network you need to make friends, connect to your culture, link you up with cultural events and assist you for times when you might [...]

Exchanging Australian dollar

Exchanging Australian dollar When you are flying to Australia, buying Australian dollar from a wrong place can cost you as much as a dinner for two at a good restaurant. Studies show that scores of unwary travelers each year end up paying on an average more than $200 extra during currency exchange at the airport’s [...]

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Our Australian Alumni story

We are pleased to share our story which was featured in Indian Australia Alumni reception in Mumbai held recently. At the Reception, two large screens featured a slideshow of more than 50 alumni stories and photos. Many people commented that they greatly enjoyed our stories and photos – including the Australian Trade and Investment Minister [...]

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Australian alumni reception in Mumbai

Australian alumni reception in Mumbai Recently I received an Invitation from The Australian Trade Commission for an Australian Alumni networking session with the Australian Minister of Trade and Investment, and high-profile Australian and India executives from industry and academia. Unfortunately I won't be in India this time of the year,however if you are an Australian [...]

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The tragic end of an Indian International student, who fell in wrong company.

A young man who left Kerala when he was 19 for Melbourne,was found dead last year. According to The Age the 24-year-old man was struck in the head at his home in Melbourne's north on Saturday, October 11, 2014. It seems like he's had a massive life change. He was 19 years of age, perhaps [...]

International student seeking support

International student seeking support 24 year old Indian International student seeking support from Indian community in Australia. Suffering multiple organ failure due to Mushroom poisoning,she is currently being hospitalized in Prince Alfred Hospital. The dilemma of the situation is that she doesn't have access to Medicare and no medical insurance to support her ongoing medical treatment [...]