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Hemambika Sydney newcomer testimonial

Hemambika Sydney newcomer testimonial Hope the Indianconnection team is doing good as !! I don't have words to express my gratitude for all your help during the entire process of moving from India to Australia . I had a wonderful experience with this team, specially Amrit. Everyone is very personable and approachable. The team really [...]

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Vaibhav Kavita Sydney newcomer testimonial

Vaibhav Kavita Sydney newcomer testimonial Vivek is really nice and genuine person who likes to help new migrants like us. Services provided by him are fantastic, affordable and within budget, exactly as per our requirements. He understood our needs and mindset clearly. We really thank him for his help in finding us a home away [...]

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Indian connection – Media

Indian connection - Media Indian connection is thankful for the encouragement it received through nomination of Daily telegraph Fair Go competition 2015 ,it's just a tiny step towards achieving a collaborative 'One Indian Community in Oz'helping each other to flourish in the 'New country'.Our aim is to enable every Indian in Australia with resources to  [...]

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India Australia business community awards

India Australia business community awards India Australia Business & Community Awards (IABCA) , a national initiative that showcase the best of India from a cultural and business perspective while celebrating migrant entrepreneurship in Australia.In the year 2014 our founder was nominated for the Young community achiever award and was Finalist of this prestigious award.The nomination [...]

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Tanishka Sydney newcomer testimonial

Tanishka Sydney newcomer testimonial Indian connection has been a huge help is settling down in Sydney. I connected with Viv regarding my accommodation just a week before my arrival and was very furious how things gonna turn out. But Vivek made it so easy for me. The house is beautiful and spacious with all the [...]

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Roshni Sydney newcomer testimonial

Roshni  Sydney newcomer testimonial Getting PR in hand and moving to Australia for job was a dream I had. I got lucky and got job before moving to Australia itself. With all the excitement, there was some worry that how I would settle all alone in new unknown place. I started looking for shared houses, [...]

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Seshadri V S Melbourne newcomer testimonial

  Seshadri V S Melbourne newcomer testimonial The services which I enrolled in your company like "Resume editing" and "Consultancy" were really useful. It's very important to know the culture of Australia, How to search a job here, especially when we arrive from different country. Resume writing and job hunting is a different ball game. It [...]

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Vipul Lunkad Sydney newcomer testimonial

Vipul Lunkad Sydney newcomer testimonial Vivek it was great talking to you, it really helped us in many ways. I really appreciate the way you described the approach towards job search. We have actually started searching the relevant job with the focused approach. This was a great help from you. Your experience and the solution [...]

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Pankaj Poonam Sydney newcomer testimonial

Pankaj Poonam Sydney newcomer testimonial We met Viv recently and were very impressed with his valuable practical advice and helpful demeanor. He shared with us some very valuable tips that we now will be following meticulously helping us successfully settle in Ozzie Land. It is so refreshing and encouraging to come across a fellow countryman [...]

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