Tips for Avoiding Migration Fraud

6 Tips for Avoiding Migration Fraud


Migration fraud and related scams are exactly what they sound like. Fraud may involve attempting to emigrate to any country through false purposes, which violate the country’s immigration laws. It can also refer to fraudulent websites, emails, mail and communications. Scams often try to convince individuals to share information, resources and money in promises to obtain residency or other form of legal status in that country.





All this can point to possible fraud and deception related to migration fraud:

Request for payment or personal information by phone call

Request to fill out blank forms

Immigration Document Fees

Applications and documents from unofficial websites

Telephone calls from alleged government officials

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Now that you know some of the common scams, here are tips that can help you avoid immigration fraud.

Always check if the person you are dealing with is included on the company’s website. Some people may consider themselves as staff of a reputed company. This is vital in checking for migration fraud.

Watch out for companies that do not list your address or staff. You need to be physically aware of who you are going to treat.

If you are sent a contract without the name of a representative of the company, or that person’s name is NOT on your website, please do not sign it and look for another company or person.

When dealing with a consultant at any immigration agency, be sure to verify your membership in the appropriate council by verifying your name on your official website. If your consultant is not there, it means he / she is not legally offering immigration services.

To make sure that the lawyer you are actually dealing with is a lawyer who operates legally in that country, please check your membership in the provincial bar association where they practice.

DO NOT trust anyone who asks you to pay them directly into your personal bank account. A reputable company will ask you to be paid into your company’s bank account, and most likely it will be a trust account, which means that it is a special bank account just for the client’s money.

These tips will help you notice the possible red flag for scammers and with these tips you prevent migration fraud.


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