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Gain clarity and insight into your settlement Journey to Australia situation, what to do about it, and how to prepare or create THE settlement you want in the Get Clarity Coaching Session.

Do you find yourself?

  1. Discouraged because you are not sure whether you qualify for a visa?
  2. Frustrated with lack of connection in Australia?
  3. Unsure how to save dollars when you arrive in Australia first time?
  4. Trying to put steps which you need to take to make your journey to Australia comfortable?
  5. Suffering from the pain of moving to a new country?

During the 30-minute Get Clarity Coaching Session you will:

  • Work through the issue that is bothering you the most, your biggest stuck point.
  • Get information, perspective, suggestions and a plan to help you make the decision you want.
  • Experience a POSITIVE PERMANENT shift in the way you feel about moving to a new country!

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Format:   30-minute meeting over the phone, Skype video call, or at my office (all are equally effective!)

Date/Time: Scheduled at our mutual convenience

Designed for:

  • A prospective participant having a visa to come to Australia and currently outside Australia
  • A prospective participant who have just received visa to Australia and currently outside Australia
  • A prospective participant who is already in Australia
  • A prospective participant Just Getting Started and don’t know where to start

At the end of the Get Clarity Coaching Session:

The Get Clarity Coaching Session can be a one-time experience of coaching, or it can be beginning of an accelerated, positive settlement journey for you, where you work with Australian Indian as your coach in a structured coaching program. Please ask us about the coaching program at the end of your Get Clarity Coaching Session. To experience being coached and see how INC can help you in your future hopes and dreams ensuring that you are putting your very best foot forward. Click on the  Start  button above to register for the Get Clarity Coaching Session. We look forward to meeting you on the phone, Skype or in my office and helping you create the settlement you want! Thanks & Regards, Indian Connection Team